Jedit : a graph editor in Java

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Vemuri, Suresh P.
Bagga, Jay
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Thesis (M.S.)
Department of Computer Science
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There are increasing demands for graphics-oriented software packages for graph theory teaching and research. G-Net, a departmental research project headed by Dr. Jay Bagga, is an effort to create a software package that comprises of a graph database, a graph editor, 'and a collection of graph algorithms. Also, with widespread use of the World Wide Web, the graph editor should be accessible through the Web. Taking these issues into consideration Jedit (Java Graph editor) is developed. This thesis concentrates on the design and implementation of a graph editor and a graph object (Jgraph). Jgraph is developed in java to implement the graph algorithms in future. One of the unique features of this graph editor is that it can be used as stand-alone application or as an applet for the Web. In addition, it also provides a friendly user interface.