Concrete fence posts : statues in the fields

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McDonald, Erin
Cairns, Malcolm D.
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Thesis (M.S.H.P.)
Department of Architecture
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Historic concrete fence posts were created in the early twentieth century. This study examined how they were constructed and who constructed them. A survey of Randolph county, Indiana was conducted in order to determine the possible construction methods. Literature sources indicate that farmers were encouraged to construct concrete posts on their own. The survey also points to the idea that historic concrete fence posts were created by the farmers who used them. While commercially manufactured posts exist in Randolph county, they are from a later date, and thus not the focus of this study. Interviews with members off the farming community also indicate that most farmers built their own concrete fence posts, from molds they also made. While many businesses and colleges promoted the use and construction of concrete fence posts, they were individually made to serve farmers' immediate and long term fencing needs.