From Charlottesville, with love

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Dickerson, Meredith
Donnelly, Michael, 1968-
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From Charlottesville, With Love is a video project that documents the sentiments, thoughts, and opinions of Charlottesville residents, business owners, and University of Virginia students and faculty nine months following the infamous Unite the Right rally that took place in the town. The rally ended in tragedy when one counter protester, Heather Heyer, was struck and killed when an assailant drove his car into the crowd-turning the country's attention to Charlottesville Virginia, a town that would become a vital talking point in many First Amendment and hate speech debates to come. From Charlottesville was filmed with the intention of giving due attention to those who did not necessarily directly participate in the rally itself (on either side), but who have to live everyday in its aftermath. There is also much that Charlottesville residents want the wider world to know about the heart of their town. The following video project allows interviewees the chance to convey a message from their town that extends far beyond the images of fear, violence, and intolerance that dominated American headlines in August of 2017.