The analysis and assessment on the gathering of questions and responses for a study pertaining to the attitudes of Colombians in relation to American television and film : [an honors thesis (HONRS 499)]

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Ramirez, Anna T.
Wilhelm, R. Dwight
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Thesis (B.S.)
Honors College
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The following thesis presents an analysis of the procedures transposing the questionnaires into one solid master which will be used as a basis for all. Included are samples of the four questionnaires that the Colombian people responded to, and the master that resulted from them.Along with the document at hand is a summary of the problems that were encountered in completing the goal and the solutions used to resolve them.In addition to the questionnaire and analysis is an assessment concerning the overall feelings to the responses given in the study and a concluding thought on the general overview of the thesis. Finally, there will be suggestions for further research and ideas that can be used to improve future projects of the same caliber.Before beginning the analysis and assessment of the project, it is important to have some background knowledge of the study itself.