The Northwood Site (12VI194) : report of archaeological investigations conducted at a middle woodland Allison-Lamotte habitation site and an associated management plan

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Adderley, Anthony W.
Cochran, Donald R. (Donald Ray)
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Thesis (M.S.)
Department of Anthropology
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Archaeological test excavations were conducted at 12Vi194 (Northwood Site) in a portion of the site where residential development is planned or has taken place. Thirty four 2x2 m units were excavated to the base of midden deposits, exposing eight features. Six of these features proved to be of aboriginal origin, with their terminal function as refuse pits. Materials recovered from the site span some 4000 years, from the Late Archaic period through the Late Woodland period. The majority of materials, as well as all aboriginal features, date to the late Middle Woodland Allison-LaMotte culture (AD 100-600), and include ten Lowe Flared base projectile points, 1700+ pieces of lithic debris, 4500 ceramic sherds, a vast quantity of floral and faunal debris, and the remains of one badly deteriorated human interment (pre-natal infant).The investigations at this site were carried out to assess the significance of the deposits. Based on the quantity of artifacts, size and density of pit features and well defined midden deposits, this site is considered significant and therefore eligible for nomination to the National Register of Historic Places (see Appendix). Due to developers plans on this and adjacent sites, a management plan outlining future impacts and lternatives is also provided.