An undergraduate's guide to law school preparation

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Whitman, Tori
Dalton, Elizabeth
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Applying to law school can be one of the most stressful experiences a student endures. There is an abundance of information pre-law students need to know to navigate this process, and without assistance it can be overwhelming. Many undergraduate universities offer various preparation and support programs to help pre-law students in their efforts, but many offer little to no abetment. In some universities’ case, the issue is not so much a lack of assistance, but rather a lack of communication between pre-law students and the university. In order to mitigate this communication issue, I have compiled what I believe is all the necessary information pre-law students need to know. From picking a major to taking the LSAT, pre-law students who may not be completely informed about the law school application process can find the answers to many of their law school questions within these pages. Students can discover who to reach out to for help, what undergraduate majors law school admissions office prefer, and what factors can influence a student’s performance in law school. This information has been accumulated from my own experiences as a pre-law student and my own research into the legal studies world.