Contextual transfer of ideas

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Haring, Christopher L.
Hollars, Brian K.
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Thesis (B. Arch.)
College of Architecture and Planning
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I believe that we are losing our identity. The identity of who we are, what we do, and most importantly where we are from. Today's world consists of instant gratification, the ever-present need to "get it now", have it "done yesterday" and of course the ability for "one stop shopping." We work more so that we can have more "stuff", bigger cars and even bigger homes because after all "bigger is always better" right? All of these trends in our lives lead to a result. We spend more hours working, less time with family and even less time in our community. This doesn't just affect one person either. It affects our society as a whole. Our current trends have lead to urban sprawl, degradation of city centers, less sense of community most importantly the continued loss of rural farmland.This thesis is a study of sprawling suburban development, which is characterized by oversized front yards, wide, featureless streets, and inhospitable house fronts dominated by huge garage doors. It is through studying of these current trends that I look to design the single-family home with an approach to a more responsible way of developing these areas that are in danger of loosing the sense of who they are. The result will consist of redefining development, designing with the neighborhood, community and user in mind. The test of the contextual transfer of ideas will aim at accomplishing these goals.