The elderly and their environment : a study of elderly housing

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McIntire, Christopher M.
Missair, Alfredo R.
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Thesis (B. Arch.)
College of Architecture and Planning
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The elderly population is the fastest growing age group in the country today. The fact is that presently only 9% of this age group live in planned elderly housing. Many other individuals who would benefit from this type of housing are not able or are not wanting to live in this environment because of various psychological, economic, or other reasons. How to best satisfy this situation and improve the elderly living conditions of today is the goal of my thesis. I would like to see the elderly be able to have their own say in their community. The element of personal choice is very important.After analyzing various types of elderly living environments from the tightly supervised aging home to the elderly individual in a rural house, I have discovered that many are unhappy with their living situation. I have determined that the issues of individuality, independence, and the atmosphere of a “home” are just as important to the aging as are the issues of services and security. So, for the people who would like to live in a planned environment, I have created a program where the elderly will be encouraged to express their own personal concerns as a group in order to shape their own community.I have labeled this program a “renovated residential community.” The program will renovate various houses in an existing neighborhood in which the elderly will reside in group living situations. The central program will offer support and services only if requested. So in the end, the plan will enrich the neighborhood with new life, as well as provide a more ideal living environment for the elderly to reside in.