Speech-language pathology topics: a series of pamphlets for clients and their loved ones

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Martin, Alexandra
McGrath, Melissa
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Speech, language, and communication are all vital components to interacting with the people who are encountered in each person’s everyday life. While oftentimes, people will develop speech and language skills naturally as children and keep these abilities throughout their life sometimes, extra help is needed to gain or regain these skills. Individuals who seek this help from speech-language pathologists or are interested in learning about speech therapy often have questions on how it will go or if it is even necessary. The following series of pamphlets seeks to provide these individuals with basic information on speech, language, and communication topics in several different situations, from speech and language development through the childhood years to communication rehabilitation as a result of a traumatic brain injury or other conditions. Through providing a compilation of information from a variety of sources, including university websites, medical or hospital websites, as well as from the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, this project can give those new to speech and/or language therapy some rudimentary knowledge to ease their mind on what therapy is all about and what it may mean for themselves or their loved ones.