How Rockwell International Corporation is moving away from defence contracts and positioning for the future

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Jones, Terry C.
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Thesis (M.B.A.)
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This paper is intended to look at Rockwell International as in-depth as possible from the standpoint of an outsider who lacks access to privileged information particularly in the defense related areas where national security is involved. I intend to look at the company using the wide range of knowledge I have acquired while in school to draw conclusions onI will be primarily interested in the Aerospace group since they have been heavily dependent on defense contracts and recently two of their major projects suffered setbacks that could have a great deal of impact on the entire company. They are a major concern for the company but they do hale a very diversified company that is capable of taking up some of the slack for the Aerospace group until it can get itself redirected either with new defense contracts or accelerate their shift to commercial markets.The company is extremely dynamic and capable of rapid change if the need arises and I believe that they have already shifted their strategy due to these changes. All of the groups in the company have had increased sales and there is no telling what the full potential is for the Allen-Bradley group as they find their place in the company.I will look at as many areas of the company as possible and discuss them in some detail based on available information concerning them. The company will not make another major acquisition in the near future until they repay some of the debt they incurred in buying Allen-Bradley but that has not stopped them from entering into joint ventures and licensing agreement in areas where they see high growth potential.This paper is just an overview of Rockwell and some of its' specific areas of operation since to look at every aspect of their decisions and operations would be a life project. Rockwell International is involved in nearly every industry in the world in one form or another and is well positioned to take advantage of new options as they arise.