The ongoing effect of terrorism on the hospitality & tourism industry

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Koroma, Amara S.
Spangler, Alice A.
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Thesis (M.A.)
Department of Family and Consumer Sciences
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This research paper analyzed the effect of terrorism on the hospitality and tourism industry. The purpose of this research paper was to analyze the phenomenon of terrorist acts, and various strategies used to address the effect on tourism and the hospitality industry. The problem of terrorism in society is one that strikes fear in everyone that is directly and indirectly involved with occurrences of terrorist acts. Data on the arrivals of non-resident tourists at national borders and overnight stays of non-resident tourists in all types of accommodation establishments of Ireland, Turkey and United Kingdom were analyzed to observe how terrorist attacks affected each country. There is an instantaneous decrease of tourist activity after terrorist acts; however after a period of time which cannot be predicted, the tourist activity prior to the terrorist attack is reached and in some cases surpassed. The nature and characteristics of terrorism differ from country to country and leads to a unique recovery pattern in each country.