Who's [sic] life is it, anyway? : zoning ordinances and variances, Middletown

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Dick, Nancy Marie
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Thesis (M.A.)
Department of Sociology
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Muncie, Indiana is traditionally used as the source of the national example of the typical functioning of American society. This has been discovered via what has become known as the Middletown studies. Governmental meetings concerning zoning issues is just one example of the average daily functional responsibilities of government to society and society to itself as it takes an active role to solve or resolve zoning issues pertinent to its personal needs and interests. There is an abundance of governmental meetings across America. The minutes of the meetings are traditionally recorded. They are open to the public without charge. Additionally, they are available to every American citizen regardless of degree of personal impact and regardless of where participants reside. While zoning is just one example of gevernmental meetings, it is a critical and common issue that impacts directly and indirectly every American city and every American citizen. "Who's Life is it, Anyway?" is the real-life drama of four of Middletown's citizens coping with the zoning issues within the boundaries of Muncie, Indiana.