Support services to aid international students adjustment to Ball State University

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Kambwa, Arlette T.
Ganion, Larry R.
Issue Date
Thesis (M.A.)
Department of Secondary, Higher, and Foundations of Education
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This research focuses on exploring the developmental adjustment that international students experience while pursuing an education at Ball State University and the support services available to aid them. The research is both qualitative and quantitative. The research includes surveys of undergraduate and graduate students as well as residential and non-residential students. Past research completed at Ball State University related to international students have explored topics such as faculty behavior, graduate student perceived social support satisfaction, the history of international students, attitudes of American students, hierarchy of adjustment problems as perceived by African students, and evaluating educational credentials. The review of literature utilized as a foundation for this research identifies adjustment issues such as interpersonalrelationships, cultural differences, finances, language and academics. The literature also includes suggestions for services related to admissions, counseling, language assistance, academics, financial aid, social outlets and pre-departure orientations. The findingscomprise demographics of the Ball State University international students, the adjustment problems they reported experiencing, the support services they have utilized to help them solve their problems and their satisfaction level with the services. The conclusion of the research states numerous suggestions for implementation for the support service offices at Ball State University as well as recommendations for future research.