Determination of the physical parameters of the eclipsing dwarf nova system IP Peg

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Bryant, Jeffrey M.
Kaitchuck, Ronald H.
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Thesis (M.S.)
Department of Physics and Astronomy
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IP Peg is a member of a family of star systems known as cataclysmic variable stars, CVs. CVs are star systems in which a red dwarf star orbits a white dwarf and mass transfer is taking place from the red dwarf to the white dwarf. The mass ratio of the two component stars has been found the most difficult parameter to determine. Tools used in the analysis of mass-ratio included the differential photometric light curve of IP Peg, Doppler tomograms, and spectral data covering the HP emission-line. The mass ratio was found to lie in the range, q = 0.44 ± 0.14. The inclination lies in the range i = 81.5° ± 8.5°. Finally, the accretion disk radius was 0.342 times the distance between the stars. The analysis of the parameters of eclipsing CV systems like IP Peg provides a rare opportunity that helps in the understanding of other CV systems.