Physics for freshmen : a laboratory survey of some major topics in physics, a creative project

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Haas, Marguerite R.
Hults, Malcom E.
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Thesis (M.A.)
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This creative project is a teacher's manual to accompany the student materials previously developed for "Physics for Freshmen: A Laboratory Survey of Some Major Topics in Physics." The manual is divided into four sections for each of the 62 laboratory investigations. The teaser is intended to arouse interest in the principle to be studied. The equipment list is to aid the teacher in the preparation of materials. The introduction includes directions for preparation of materials, notes for introducing subject matter to the students, and directions and/or references for the operation of the equipment. The conclusion is basically notes to use in leading the students' discussion following their experimental work.The manual is intended for an experienced physics teacher or for someone trained in the field with a great deal of personal reference study.