Islamic center

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Subandi, Setyo N.
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Thesis (M.A.)
Department of Architecture
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In the United States, Mosques and Islamic centers have existed for many decades to meet the social and religious needs of Muslims. However, since Muslims are a minority in this country, they still face some problems since the practice of various Islamic laws and prohibitions sometimes are inappropriate with the Western way of life. Assessing Muslims in the American context, a key issue to consider is the degree to which Muslims may become socially integrated into the American culture. Here the role of the Islamic center, as an institution, is significant in helping Muslims to meet each other and to adjust to the realities of life in America.In general, an Islamic center involves a concentration of facilities for activities which have the characteristic of Islam. Therefore, there is no basic difference in function between a Mosque and an Islamic Center, since the Mosque traditionally is not only a house of worship, but is also the center of Islamic society and culture. The term Islamic center is used in this study to emphasize the interest in the social side of Mosque activities, in addition to religious functions, that might be more appropriate with Muslims life in the American context.The purpose of the Islamic center is to promote a better understanding of Islam and greater acceptance and appreciation of its truth, culture, and contribution to human civilization. As we know, the ethos of Islam lies not only in the connection of individual with God, but also with human relations in the social order.