Thesis project for a drama theater and restaurant in downtown Indianapolis, Indiana

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Broyles, James A.
Laseau, Paul, 1937-
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Thesis (B. Arch.)
College of Architecture and Planning
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This project consists of the following functions: A Procenium - type stage with seating for 836, dressing rooms, rehearsal rooms and production spaces.In additional to the theatre spaces there is a café-deli style restaurant that provides refreshments to theatre-goers at intermission and functions independently of the theatre although movement between them is integrated in the foyer.Also in the foyer, two rentable spaces are provided: one is to be used as a news-stand, the other is not identified.Finally, the space above the auditorium in front of the procenium was to be utilized and not wasted; in this area rehearsal halls were put.Rentable office space was provided on the two upper floors, sharing circulation with the rehearsal halls.The site provided a variety of conditions: Monument Circle, with its image and geometry; the proposed upper level walkway, considered dealt with; an existing façade whose historical significance was preserved by integrating it into the new building.The use of a “theatre” metaphor was employed so the character of the building presented itself.