Demonstration of geographic information systems as a tool for street tree management

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Spangenberg, Eric F.
Spangler, Ronald L.
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Thesis (M.L.A.)
Department of Landscape Architecture
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The goals of this project were to: (1) combine the ARC/INFO Geographic Information System (GIS) software with the TIGER data files and tree inventory data files, (2) demonstrate GIS as a tool in street tree inventory management, (3) answer a management related question, specifically the identification of dead and hazardous trees within the city, with the use of the GIS tool, and (4) prepare an article based on the project for submission to the Journal of Arboriculture.Dead and hazardous trees located along a city street are a major accident liability to a city. It is vital, for both safety and aesthetic purposes, that a community know the location of dead and hazardous trees. As a management tool the GIS can utilize the inventory data to aid the urban forester in interpreting the urban forest by identifying these tree locations. Through the use of point-in-polygon analysis and choropleth maps, these specific management concerns can be highlighted throughout the city.The power to visually demonstrate certain parts of town with higher concentrations of work needed is one way that GIS can provide the management tools necessary for better care of our urban forests.