A pilot examination of the public relations models used in Indonesia

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Hiendarto, Joyce V.
Sharpe, Melvin L.
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Thesis (M.A.)
Department of Journalism
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The purpose of this research was to examine how public relations is performed in Indonesia. It attempted to answer two research questions. First, which of the Grunig's public relations models were used and most prevalent in the public relations performance in Indonesia. Second, were there any other models or patterns emerging in the practice that were not included in Grunig's public relations models. The indicators for personal influence model and cultural interpreter model were usedForty-four questions sent though e-mail survey were completed by 16 participants. The findings showed that all of four Grunig's public relations models were practiced. The two-way symmetrical model was the most prevalent one. Meanwhile, the personal influence model and cultural interpreter model were more popularly practiced than Grunig's four models.Although the findings of this study could not be used for generalization due to its small sample, this study provided a glimpse of public relations pattern practiced in Indonesia. It implied that public relations has advanced to the mutual influence and understanding stage for some public relations practitioners. This meant that public relations practitioners served as management and decision making function, rather than manipulator or simply distributor of information.