A cancer garden for St. Elizabeth Medical Center in Lafayette, IN

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Rasmussen, Tara M.
Spangler, Ronald L.
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Thesis (B.L.A.)
College of Architecture and Planning
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A cancer garden would provide a space for patients to go and help heal their mind and body with nature. Cancer patients go through many stressful times and situations. Most of their time is spent in hospitals for treatment or when battling other illnesses that attack their immune system at its weakest point. Hospitals are known for the physical healing of patients while a garden would incorporate the mental and emotional healing for the patients. A cancer garden would allow the patients and caretakers to have access to a space that would include the mental and emotional healing processes for cancer patients. This creates a need for a garden that is full of life and brings hope into the cancer patients’ lives.The site of this cancer garden would be located at St. Elizabeth Medical Center inLafayette, Indiana. The problem with the St. Elizabeth medical campus as it is now is that there is not any existing greenspace, or open park space for the patients, visitors, and/or medical staff to go to or utilize while they are on the campus. The design has incorporated a cancer garden into the medical campus to the north of St. Elizabeth Medical Center. The design helps to unify the medical campus with an outdoor destination for the surrounding medical campus.