Forming the foundation of student success through student and academic affairs collaboration

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Deshaney, Kathryn J.
Hyman, Randy E., 1952-
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Thesis (M.A.)
Department of Educational Studies
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The purpose of this research paper was to examine the relationships among the Freshman Connections Learning Teams to determine the extent collaboration existed between student and academic affairs and impacted methods of teaching at Ball State University (BSU). These teams were formulated to facilitate learning in the residence halls through ten living and learning communities. Learning team members cooperated and collaborated to plan initiatives for students. The more structured collaboration efforts were the more evidence of student learning and changes observed in methods of teaching. To understand the extent of collaboration in Freshman Connections a qualitative research methodology was utilized to study learning team collaboration. This methodology allowed Learning Team Captains to share their stories about collaboration efforts and learning team initiatives. The themes of this study clarified collaboration and cooperation among Freshman Connection learning teams, reinforced current collaboration efforts, and provided insights to enhance collaboration in the future.