The effects of human behavior and information-transmitting medium on the library building typology

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Ugursal, Ahmet
Klinger, Kevin R.
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Thesis (M. Arch.)
Department of Architecture
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Technological advancements in the second half of the century have significantly affected academic library institution. Libraries are undergoing a transition period and constantly updating their system to adapt to those advancements. However, library building is slow to adapt to the changes. This study examines those changes in academic libraries and buildings based on two main variables. namely human beings. and the medium. through which the information is transmitted The invention of first. electronic, and then digital systems significantly changed these two variables. The resulting library building is shaped by the new human Behavior and the form of information-mediums in a technology-oriented environment. The result of this study is 'five governing principles,' which explain the position of those two variables in a complex web of relations created by technological advancements. The same principles also explain the role of different variables in the future of the library building typology.