How new graduate nurses learn to practice in a trauma setting : a grounded theory approach

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Weber, William C.
Arndt, Mary J.
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Thesis (M.S.)
School of Nursing
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This study describes how new graduate nurses learn to practice in a trauma setting. The research questions focused on how new graduate nurses learn the skills necessary to work in a trauma setting, what were the best methods of introducing new graduate nurses to performing nursing interventions in a trauma setting, and how can this learning be facilitated. The grounded theory research approach was used. The sample was drawn from a population of emergency room nurses working in a level one trauma center. The core category that emerged from the data was overcoming anxiety. Working in a trauma setting is an anxiety provoking experience. New graduate nurses used learning as a method of overcoming the anxiety faced in this setting. Learning methods included observing, discussing, practicing, and rehearsing. Preceptors, mentors, and models helped new graduates learn. Learning took place in three areas: psychomotor learning, conceptual learning, and self-learning.