Bulletin Board System (BBS) for a VAX/VMS multi-user environment : an honors thesis (HONRS 499)

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Cooper, J. Kevin
McKinney, Earl H.
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Thesis (B.S.)
Honors College
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The BBS (Bulletin Board System) software is a client/server model running on a VAX/VMS computer system, which allows both interactive, user-friendly access to file bases and online discussion groups, and a versatile database environment with comprehensive security features. This system has been tailored to be platform-independent in its information transfer protocol, while using the specifics of the operating system to benefit both the appearance of the user interface and the efficiency of database management.I have attempted to interweave as much functionality as feasibly possible into this project, as to demonstrate what I have learned through the Computer Science program here at Ball State University, as well as through m y internship position as a VAX system technician and programmer at University Computing Services.Tools UsedThis project was written using the following software on University-owned VAX machines:DEC Pascal v4.2 for VMSDECset Module Management System v2.5 MultiNet v3.2 shareable TCP/IP network library Open VMS VAX Operating System v6.0, v6.1This system makes use of system resources such as the VMS Command Language Interpreter (CLI), VMS Message Utility, Run-time Screen Manager Library (SMG), Record Management Services (RMS), and MultiNet's linkable TCP/IP socket library.