Body art and deviance among American college students : a replication

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Lehman, Tyler J.
Mulvihill, Thalia M., 1963-
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This study was performed examine the relationship between body modification practices and deviant and positive social behaviors, as well as to look at the prevalence of body modification on a college campus. There were 291 participants who completed an online survey asking about personal body modification practices and behaviors. Significant positive correlations were found between tattoos and marijuana use, binge drinking, traffic violations and nun1ber of sexual partners. Piercings were significantly correlated with number of sexual partners, marijuana use and underage drinking. Both body modification practices were significantly correlated with only one positive social behavior, sexual intercourse with a regular partner. These results can be used to help further the literature on the relationship between body modification and deviant behaviors. Future research could be done on piercings alone, looking at different types, rather than at piercings as one single practice.