An exploration of watercolor techniques leading to the development of an instruction packet in these techniques and their various effects through the use of seventeen paintings (reproduced in slide form), and a text for interested watercolor students

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Hecker, Karen A.
Bertrand, Joseph B.
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Thesis (M.A.)
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This project has been an exploration into the various techniques of watercolor and their resulting effects through research into the work of past and contemporary watercolorists. The investigation of this background knowledge led to experimentation and later implementation of these techniques in a group of seventeen paintings, reproduced in slide form and then framed. Techniques such as wet-on-wet, splatter and dry-brush were illustrated.Subsequently following was the development of an instruction packet designed for interested watercolor students. The packet consists of the slide of the paintings in which the various techniques are illustrated, a text explaining the "how-to" of the different techniques and their resulting effects, and a tape which can be used in co-ordination with the text.