Online supplementary health instruction : lesson, assessment, and online exploration : an honors thesis (HONRS 499)

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Hottinger, Allison K.
Pavlechko, Gary M.
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Thesis (B.?.)
Honors College
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I have been studying to become an elementary teacher at Ball State for the past four years. When thinking of my senior thesis project, I decided to create something that I, as well as other teachers, could use in the classroom. Incorporating technology was important to me because it would give me the opportunity to gain new computer skills needed for working in the public schools in the future. My concentration area of Wellness and Nutrition also was taken into consideration, which led to my choice of creating a series of Health lesson plans on the Internet.During student teaching, I noticed that with the stress of Math and Reading within the schools ealth sometimes got pushed to tie end of the priority list. I created a series of online te'sson plans by following chapters from a popular Health textbook at a second grade level. Included in the lessons are the information students need to learn presented in a kid-friendly way with characters and pictures students will enjoy. Links were placed on the website for students to download a worksheet to assess the information they learned. In addition, after students complete the assessment they are provided with links to outside websites to explore and learn more about the topic of each lesson. This project is titled, "Online Supplementary Health Instruction: Lesson, Assessment, and Online Exploration."