An honors thesis (HONRS 499)

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Coyle, Margaret C.
Pacino, Joe L.
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Thesis (B.?.)
Honors College
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The idea for this video was not my own, but rather the joint idea of two friends of mine. It came about after being thoroughly frustrated with a mutual friend of ours who watched television about 25 hours a week and about 25 hours each weekend, depending on how much homework he had to do.The basic idea of the video is to show how warped people living in this society can become, and may be becoming, from watching too much t.v. Too much emphasis is placed on the importance of this favorite form of entertainment. This is an ironic statement coming from a future graduate in telecommunications with an option in television news. Yet I truly believe that communication between friends, family and even strangers often deteriorates when the t.v. plays a major role in people's lives. My videotape is an obvious exaggeration of the life of an"average American" and his (or the country's) possible downfall due to this seemingly harmless medium.Some events occurring in the scene appear to happen without a proper explanation of how or why--this was intentional on my part to symbolize the possibility of television beginning to control humans instead of the other way around. What my be called strange or weird shots appear occasionally to symbolize the demented behavior of this individual and the frightening possibility of truth behind the idea of this video. The man's motivation, intelligence, excitement for life, and meaning of his own existence have gradually been connected to television and his entire humanity proceeds to fade away as the television's "life force" is drained.Any personal or general meaning or understanding of this video is left up to you to discover; the point is to make you think.