Roadside relics : an historical study of surviving Indiana roadside diners

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Thornton, Amy L.
Friesen, Carol A.
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Thesis (M.S.)
Department of Family and Consumer Sciences
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Indiana's roadside diners are an important and understudied part of the state's history. These stainless steel beacons have impacted their customers and the communities around them. In visiting the five surviving Indiana roadside diners, this researcher has laid the foundation for future research on diners in Indiana. This researcher conducted interviews and collected public records concerning the five diners.The diners studied were manufactured by a variety of companies and have been located in a variety of places. Indiana diner owners have come from different backgrounds, and each of the diners has had multiple owners. The way food is prepared and served has also changed in each of the diners. Additionally, each diner owner has developed strategies to survive in the foodservice industry.