Anatomy of a campaign : an honors thesis (HONRS 499)

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Smith, Andrea M.
Crawley, Gary Lane
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Thesis (B.?.)
Honors College
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The purpose of this project was to produce a capstone work of an academic careerat Ball State University that would serve as an exhibit of the lessons learned and skills attained from the college experience. It was not an easy task to combine several years of learning into a tangible document that would speak to the intensive academic training received at this university. This goal of this project is to provide a glimpse into the political process and the public sphere, areas that have been concentrated fields of study for four years.The foundation for this work was laid during an internship with the Indiana state legislature during the spring semester of 2001. During this period, many contacts were made with legislators from both chambers of the Indiana General Assembly and with members from both sides of the aisle. As a result of this experience, a relationship was formed with Indiana State Senator Allie Craycraft, Jr. (D-Selma). When the opportunity arose to begin work on this project, it seemed a natural fit to participate in the re-election efforts of Senator Craycraft. This approach was taken because the opportunity for education stretches far beyond the classroom and textbook. It is only when the skills obtained in the academic world can be applied to real-world situations that a student truly obtains the full-learning experience.Senator Craycraft was pleased with the idea and suggested that activities not be limited to his campaign, but a focus should also be placed on the campaign of his son who was seeking the office of Delaware County Sheriff. Steven G. Craycraft was running for the office being vacated by Sheriff Steve Aul, who was prohibited by term limitations from seeking re-election.