Teacher burnout

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Fielden, Angela R.
Seabert, Denise M.
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Thesis (M.A.)
Department of Physiology and Health Science
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Teacher burnout is a problem affecting teachers from around the globe. Teachers experiencing burnout encounter physical and psychological symptoms. When teachers suffer from burnout, the students may receive a lower quality education. Teachers may miss more school due to stress-related illness. Teachers experiencing the various components of burnout may feel detached from the students, no longer take pride in their work, or are emotionally exhausted. In order to combat stress and teacher burnout, the teacher must respond to stress in some manner. The type of coping strategy that a teacher chooses can affect how he/she deals with stress. For teachers, task-oriented or problem-oriented coping strategies appear to be beneficial to offset the affects of stress and teacher burnout. Although the coping strategy may not eliminate the stress or burnout, the coping strategy may help the teacher deal with the effects of teacher burnout such as reduced teaching quality, desire to quit the profession, poor student relations, or somatic complaints.