The Fort Wayne Museum of Art

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Menze, Ronald S.
Wyman, John E.
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Thesis (B. Arch.)
College of Architecture and Planning
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The Fort Wayne Museum of Art is presently in need of a new facility. This project grew out of that interest for a new museum and the challenge of-designing an environment for the arts,The site chosen was owned by the Fort Wayne Fine Arts Foundation and is located in downtown Port ;9ayne. It is currently a parking lot serving Louis Kahn's-Performing Arts Center.After a study of Fort Wayne's present and future art museum needs, a study of museum examples, a review of the current literature on art museums, and many interviews, the program was completed. The program, enclosed at the end of this book, called for a facility of approximately 62,000 square. Feet.This building would include about.50% of its space in gallery / exhibition, 20% in work / storage, facilities for lecture and instruction, staff offices, a member's lounge, a public cafeteria, and a giftshop.The top priority affecting the design would-be visitor education and the maximizing of excitement about the art and the building. This must be accomplished while simplifying their circulation and orientation difficulties present ,in other museums. Other priorities would include a high degree of visibility that is inherent at this site and the strong interface of this building with Kahn's Performing Arts Center as an art complex.I believe that the design development and final design demonstrate that concern for those priorities.