Teacher placement handbook

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Sieber, James E.
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Thesis (M.A.)
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It has long been the responsibility of the placement office to adequately inform the college graduate of career opportunities and of the best procedures and techniques to successfully achieve these Coals, The increasing number of students graduating each year has created difficulties in the placing of these people. Surplus conditions necessitate core initiative on the part of the student in the placement process. In order to assist the student in the placement process, many universities and colleges have developed a placement handbook, These handbooks aid the student by encouraging the development of appropriate techniques in such areas as application, correspondence, and interviews with potential employers, The Teacher Placement Handbook now used by the 3a11 State University Moment Office was developed several years ago and does not present the modern recruitment practices which are necessary for a student to be cognizant of if he expects to reach his career goals, In light of this weakness of the present Teacher Placement Handbook, the writer has elected to update the present hand- book as his creative project,This project was selected with the intention of developing an effective and efficient tool which would prepare the student to do his part in placing himself. The writer planned on designing the book to cover all aspects of the placement procedure, including techniques of application, correspondence, interviews, ethics pertaining to placement, factors to be considered before signing a contract, and ideas for teachers in developing their educational philosophy. It was hoped that through the use of this handbook, the prospective teacher would be better prepared to approach his placement process with confidence.