A manual for the initial development of an area vocational-technical school

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Middleton, David E.
Sargent, William T.
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Thesis (Ed. S.)
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The purpose of this study was to develop operational guidelines for the construction of an area vocational-technical school. The data collected were incorporated into an outline of a manual concerned with the construction of an area vocational-technical school.The research was planned to outline, with the use of systems, the constructing, equipping, and operating phases of an area school. A questionnaire was sent to the administrative head of twenty four selected schools to collect data concerned with constructing, equipping and operating their vocational-technical schools. After the questionnaire responses were tabulated and reported, a summary was given showing how each part was dependent upon the whole. A sequence of the thr9e phases was set up to show how each phase was dependent upon the whole for completion of the project.Tie greatest expressed concern in the category of construction was the planning of a facility with a specific educational program in mind. Major concerns in the category of equipment dealt with space requirements and written specifications to be drawn up.In the operation of a facility, high priority was given to the establishment of a governing board and to the availability of funds for actual operational costs.In addition to the questionnaires, a personal interview was conducted with a superintendent of schools; a secondary school principal; and a representative from each of the following categories: labor, management, city council, teachers other than vocational, a school board member, and a chamber of commerce. The interviews were used to determine the degree of awareness of vocational-technical principles and of problems that need to be considered before building an area vocational-technical school in a specific community. While the author had to define some terms to the people being interviewed, these people were experts in at least one of the following areas: School Administration, Superintendent; School Administration, School Board; School Administration, High School Principal; School Instruction, Academic Instructor; Community, Labor Leader; Community, City Council; Community, Management; Community, Chamber of Commerce.In Chapter V of the paper the initial draft of "A Manual for Initial Development of an Area Vocational-Technical School" was outlined. The text of the manual included the philosophy of an area school, the components of a feasibility study, use of existing facilities and equipment, selecting and obtaining new facilities and equipment, curriculum development, legal counsel, bid procedures, laboratory design, related classrooms, operation of a facility, revenue from all sources, expenditures by accounts, and supporting services.