Brio music delivery : a musician's adventure into the business world

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Kelley, Carolyn (Student at Ball State University)
Van Hof, Chris, 1983-
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Thesis (B.?)
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This project is founded upon the real world experiences of a capstone semester in the study of entrepreneurial music. A complete business plan has been produced as a result of experiences in operating a business in the local Muncie area, incorporating previous ideas and the effects of experiences gained within this semester. This business plan includes a thorough discussion of the business, Brio Music Delivery, including market and competitor analysis, product and price details, leadership organization information, financial analyses, a marketing plan, and development plans for the future, among other business details. The plan seeks to give a full image of the organization—what it provides to the public, how it will operate, if it is financially sustainable for the future, and how the first customers perceive the business and service.