Marshall events web site : a look into the events world : an honors thesis (HONRS 499)

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Marshall, Emily L.
Leidig-Farmen, Pamela
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Thesis (B.S.)
Honors College
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The "trip into the event world" is divided into two main sections. The project begins with a look into the events management industry through secondary research and is followed by the Marshall Events Web site. Topics of discussion include the profession, characteristics of event managers, and education and growth in the industry. These topics examine the profession as a whole, which includes how large it is, what an event manager does, and closely related fields. Then it switches to how to succeed in the event management field through characteristics needed and continued education opportunities through conferences, organizations, and certification.The second part of the project includes information on starting an event management business. Marshall Events is a fictitious event management company. Topics discuss include the name of the company, services offered, and the target audience of the Web site. All of this was used to create the Marshall Events Web site, which is the final creative piece made from Dreamweaver software.