At the edge of the fence

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Carter, John Emerson Knapp
McKinney, Todd D.
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Thesis (B.?.)
Honors College
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There was once in our culture when experience with farming-even if only through a family relative-was not unique. But now, there is a growing disconnect between those who produce the food, and those who consume it. In this collection of nonfiction essays and prose poetry, I make use of writing about Place to bring my experiences growing up on a family farm to others. Rather than using data and information to explain why we should care about rural life, I utilize a combination of vivid imagery, sensory details, and floWing prose to bring the reader into the agricultural world in a visceral way. I want the reader to taste cold rainwater, feel the heartbeat of a new lamb, smell the heavy scent of lumbering cattle, and hear the quiet whisper of cornstalks.