Descriptive study of Indiana home schools' health education curricula

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Havice, Adam M.
Clark, Jeffrey K. (Jeffrey Kevin)
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Thesis (M.S.)
Department of Physiology and Health Science
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The problem of the study was to investigate the health education content areas taught by home school educators in Indiana. The study was designed to answer the following research questions: (a) What was the content taught in home schools health education curricula? (b) To what extent were home educators presenting health education curricula? (c) What were the means by which health education is delivered by home school educators? (d) What was the amount of training home educators have received in preparation to teach health education?An instrument was developed, pilot tested, and administered to a random sample of 600 home school educators registered with the Indiana Department of Education. Eighty five instruments were returned for a response rate of 14% and appropriate descriptive statistics were generated.From the analysis of the data it was found that home school educators were teaching health education 87.05%, the majority of health education was taught during non-structured teachable moments, the Bible was the most used curriculum guide 55.41%, the number one resources used was the public library 62.16%, and the majority of home school educators in the study had at least some college education 75.31%.