An analysis of Latino voting behavior and its influence on Republican Party public relations strategies in the 21st century

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McCandless, David Lawrence
Blom, Robin
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Thesis (M.A.)
Department of Journalism
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In U.S. elections, the Latino vote is a coveted political voting bloc that has historically voted in favor of the Democrat Party. This study seeks to determine why this is the case through researching the concept of issue voting amongst other theories to this public in the context of other demographics in U.S. elections. Furthermore, it wishes to investigate the political disconnects that exist between the Republican Party and the Latino community. Through a quantitative research survey, the researcher seeks to determine what issues are of prime importance to the Latino community as well as to better understand the reasons why, in general, the Latino community tends to vote for a particular political party. In addition, this study aims to create a public relations strategy or at least a foundation for one, based on issues where there is mutual philosophical agreement amongst Latinos and Republican Party, in an effort to provide the party with the tools to connect with and build relationships with this highly sought after political demographic.