An educational profile of purchasing practitioners in Central Indiana

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Bergwall, David Francis, 1946-
Rowe, Clair D.
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Thesis (M.A.)
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This thesis has developed a brief history of purchasing education as it relates to the National Association of Purchasing Management (N.A.P.M.). Specific attention has been given to the curricula for purchasing management developed by the N.A.P.M. and the University of Wisconsin Bureau of Business Research.The study also described the educational background of a sample of purchasing practitioners, members of the N.A.P.M. in Central Indiana. The educational backgrounds were explored in terms of both level of education in years and content of education as related to a list of specific courses from the N.A.P.M. and University of Wisconsin Curricula.Likewise, the study has explored the educational needs of the sample by determining the specific courses that are and that would be most valuable to the practitioner in his present purchasing position. In addition, the thesis has determined the job position levels of the sample, based on job titles. The educational background of the sample within each job position level was determined. The educational needs at each job position level were also described.