Fostering educational growth through design : Wyneken Memorial Lutheran School renovation

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Albert, Madeline
Ahmadi, Reza
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Thesis (B.?)
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Elementary schools are the environments that shape children's minds and build the foundation of their knowledge. The interior of the education facility can have a great impact on the effectiveness of the teaching and level of student development. Many facilities, such as Wyneken Memorial Lutheran School, have not been fully remodeled to current guidelines. Renovating this elementary school and relocating certain classrooms and activity areas can have a positive impact on the experience had by the faculty and students. The Wyneken facility was examined and research was conducted through the program outlined in this binder. New design concepts were created based on the findings of the programming design phase. The final design concept includes plans for new and additional furniture, new color palettes, materials, and lighting, and also construction drawings which would be used to direct the new construction and renovations of this building.