French art history : a two-week unit plan aimed at providing an artistic insight into French culture : an honors thesis (HONRS 499)

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Anderson, Joanna L.
Gilman, Donald
Wible, Bonnie E.
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Thesis (B.A.)
Honors College
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The goal of this project is to provide a general overview of the five major movements of French art. According to the unit plan that follows the research portion of the thesis, third- or fourth-year secondary school students will be introduced to the significant French painters and their techniques of each period. Throughout the course of the two weeks, students will not only be introduced to the appealing qualities of various works of art, but also the corresponding history. Included in the thesis are daily lesson plans, activity sheets, and forms of assessment. In addition, a videotape has been prepared which presents to students selected paintings representative of the individual time periods. By the end of the two-week unit, students will have developed an appreciation for French art.