The crossroads: where food meets the Hoosier State

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Lahey, Emily
Geelhoed, E. Bruce
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Thesis (B.?)
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The Crossroads: Where Food Meets the Hoosier State is designed to be used by teachers and students across the Hoosier state to learn more about the people who made Indiana. Filled with recipes and stories that tell the tales of our beloved Hoosiers, this cookbook can be used in conjunction with the Indiana Social Studies textbook by Pearson Education, or it can be used as a separate teaching supplement to anyone interested in Indiana history. After cooking all of these dishes, and reading each of the profiles of these historical figures, each student will have a better understanding of how each person played an important role in the shaping of the state that they call home. They will learn about individuals such as Chief Little Turtle, John Chapman, and Jim Davis and not just be able to read their story but also, recreate an element of that story in the kitchen. Indiana Social Studies is not only about the teaching of these iconic figures, but it is supposed to encourage students to be think creatively. Teaching history through cooking is a fun, hands-on way to get children involved in their learning. Instead of reading about how Eliza E. George made food for her troops, this cookbook gives them a recipe to follow as if they were Eliza George herself. Having students excited about learning fosters long term positive relationships between the students and their studies. This cookbook is perfect for those homework assignments that don’t feel like homework and for those teachers who need some fun exercises mixed into their classrooms.