Keeping fun safe : what to do during weather emergencies at Ceraland Park

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Garrett, Samantha
Call, David A.
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Thesis (B.?)
Honors College
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This honors creative thesis involves the revision and updates made to the original severe weather plan at Ceraland Park, in Columbus, Indiana. The goal of this project was to increase weather preparedness and provide patrons and staff with organized procedures when thunderstorms (severe and nonsevere) are impacting the park. Pamphlets were created for staff and patrons, in addition to a weather plan encompassing all facilities of the park for multiple weather conditions. Pamphlets will be distributed around the park, and placed in campground rental packets. Staff will receive the updated weather plan in the employee handbook. Weather safety information was also included within the documents, so patrons and staff could use the information as a guide at all times. Equipment, including lightning detectors and weather radios, will be purchased and programmed to suit the park's needs and ensure timely dissemination of accurate weather information to staff and patrons.