Vernon Community School

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Eagan, Michael R.
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Thesis (B. Arch.)
College of Architecture and Planning
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The Jennings County School Corporation has determined the need for a new elementary school. After reorganizing school districts throughout Jennings County, it was decided that Vernon Township was in greatest need of a new elementary school.The School Board is faced with complex issues and needs regarding facility planning. Issues such as declining enrollment, redistricting, limited resources, extending the use of schools as community resources,providing facility flexibility which will allow response to future needs, and educational programs are vital concerns to be considered.The School Board has adopted the philosophy of balanced elementary enrollment. throughout the Jennings County school district. This allows for the elementary attendance district to be easily identified, transportation routes to be designed by attendance district, and future district modifications to be attained as growth or decline in enrollment so indicate.The site chosen is located approximately one mile south of the Vernon central business district on the west side of State Road 7. In a rural setting, the abandoned, 96-acre dairy farm is readily accessible to the main highway and provides an ideal location for an elementary school. The gently sloping pasture-land changes elevation 80'over the grassy, lightly-wooded site. A small creek runs through the valley while two ponds are set in the hillside. Proper development of such a promising site would ensure a superb educational facility.GoalsThe process of planning a school which will respond to the needs of learning, teaching philosophies, and community objectives is complex and challenging.One main objective should be a well-conceived, efficient, practical, soundly constructed, quality building.