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Close, Claire
Powell, Jason
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Eris Lane is a young woman with many dreams and a determined spirit but is closed off to love and the world. Eris lands herself in a precarious situation as a personal assistant for Jake Grantly and soon realizes that her safety may be in danger. Will she open up to Isaac Oaks, a popular actor, and seemingly kind-hearted person, or will she close herself off to the idea of love? Isaac is a man with a passion for acting and a big heart – though his ex-wife would claim the opposite. Will Isaac open himself up to love again after a messy divorce with his wife years prior, or will he push her away like he always seems to do? Ari is a proud dad of two little girls and is also an actor, though he tends to do much more abstract projects. When he finds Eris at her lowest, he will try everything in his power to help her. Will Eris find it in her heart to love Ari after so many things have gone wrong in her life?