A manuscript of original poetry

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Tate, David Michael
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Thesis (M.A.)
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This creative project has prepared two manuscripts of original poetry for publication in an innovative book design described as a "neo-book." The first manuscript, called BUTCHER PAPER, consists of seven poems that are thematically unified around a theme of "butchery." Every aspect of BUTCHER PAPER's design was planned to relate to the "butchery" theme. The second manuscript, BAREBACK MORNING, is oversized which counterpoints the short poems of which it is composed. The poems are printed on loose sheets and are enclosed in envelopes which allows the reader to participate in the editorial process. The envelopes provide a kinesthetic process that is essential to the proper reading of the poems. The "neo-book" is also defined as an art object and is discussed as a Gestalt and with regard to its relation to process as an aesthetic quality.