Teaching fourth grade children to use a library card catalog : a programmed approach

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Sellmer, Donald F., 1922-
Mauth, Leslie J.
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Thesis (D. Ed.)
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The broad purpose of this study was to find a more effective way for librarians to assist elementary grade students in learning to use the library as an educational resource. Since ability to use a card catalog appeared to be significant to the process, and since instruction in its use was an area of concern to librarians, this special aspect of the problem was selected for investigation.Experimental and control groups of fourth grade children were identified. Under controlled conditions, the experimental group received instruction in use of a library card catalog through a programmed learning text designed for the study, while the control group was taught in the traditional way by the librarian. Group gains based on pre and post-test scores were computed and treated statistically to measure relative effects of selected variables.The following hypotheses were tested:A. There will be no significant difference in gains between groups of children in learning how to use the card catalog attributable to:1. Method of instruction2. Sex3. Sex by method interaction