A remembrance of the Pan American Games : the urban redesign of the Pan Am Plaza in downtown Indianapolis

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Lencke, Mary Beth
Spangler, Ronald L.
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Thesis (B.L.A.)
College of Architecture and Planning
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This creative project looks at the Pan America an example of the sensitive urban design solutions that need to happen in our big cities. The project questions and a the functional aspect of urban design today, as well a opportunities for remediating public parks and plazas have become outdated and ignored. It also serves to establish significant criteria for the successful design of any public space.With its close proximity to other rich and diver attractions, the Pan Am Plaza should be a true hub of activity, feeding all of the energy of Indianapolis through the of its space. In terms of its renovation and redesign, Plaza has achieved a heightened awareness of this spatial energy and created an urban aesthetic through its many detailed components. By using its dynamic history into the cultural events around Indianapolis, the new Plaza offers a variety of activities for different users, while upholding the civic pride and memorial to the original Games.In part the project addresses the city of India whole; but the other part focuses intimately on the Pan Am Plaza and the significant role it has played in India history, cultural development, and urban design. As designer and a lifelong resident of Indianapolis, I present a new solution to the Plaza's lack of human activity, and in turn make the space truly a "place to go."