A teaching - resource unit : the American Revolution, 1763-1789

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Hitchcock, Gerald Bruce
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Thesis (M.A.)
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The following is a five-week course outline and teaching unit on the American Revolution. This unit has been prepared for an accelerated Eighth grade United States History class. The following pages include the fundamental lesson plan detailing course objectives and activities to be implemented in this unit. The unit is designed as a guide for the teacher to use as he or she so desires, not as a mandated course of study to be followed exactly as stated. The unit also includes a summary of evaluation procedures for the course as well as a bibliography of sources used for the preparation and introduction of this unit. Some of the sources listed in the bibliography are not specifically mentioned in the lesson plan. These sources are to be used primarily for independent research and reference by the students. These sources include several of the given textbooks-as well as filmstrips and booklets. This unit of study is to be multi-media in approach and student-centered in presentation.